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Welcome to Symposium Catering & Events, the catering company specialized in creating extraordinary culinary experiences.
Choosing Symposium means relying on a professional, passionate, and dedicated team.
We are here to turn your events into unforgettable moments, offering you a comprehensive and personalized service that will meet all your needs.

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A New Era of Catering

Innovative Dining

Our goal is to become one of the leading catering companies in the Lombardy region and beyond.

Our mission is to offer a new style of dining, combining creativity and refinement with strong organizational skills.

Our philosophy is based on the importance of high-quality raw materials, with a focus on local and seasonal products, and attention to detail.

We are pleased to offer our high-quality catering service for your events in the areas of Monza, Milan, Varese, Como, and Lecco.

A Passion Reflected in Flavors

Executive Chef

Francesco, the talented chef leading this unmatched catering business, has nurtured his culinary passion since a young age, entering this world at the age of 15.
The roots of his dedication lie in the love for cooking, which has driven him to explore foreign lands, enriching his experiences.
Collaborations with renowned international chefs, including the famous Marchesi and Ramsey, have enriched his culinary repertoire over the years.

His journey in gastronomy has been enriched by constant learning, broader horizons, and tireless commitment to perfecting his craft.

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A Star

for Your Event

The culmination of these efforts has been manifested with the honor of a Michelin star, a symbol of excellence and dedication to creating extraordinary dishes.
The principles that guide our work are clear and unwavering: offer impeccable professional service, maintain affordable costs for customers, and never compromise on quality.
With our dedication to maintaining a balance between refinement and affordability, our catering stands out as an embodiment of exquisite taste accessible to all.

Each dish is the result of a fusion of refined techniques, carefully selected ingredients, and an overwhelming passion for the culinary arts.
Chef Francesco continues his mission of spreading joy through food, a pleasure that connects people and creates lasting memories.

What Makes Us Unique?

Excellence in the Industry

1. Customized Services: Our services are carefully designed to create the ideal blend of initiative, tradition, and modernity.
We can adapt to your requests and provide tailor-made solutions, creating a unique event that reflects your vision.

2. High Quality at Affordable Prices: Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry and close collaboration with our reliable suppliers, we aim to offer high-quality services at accessible prices.

3. Professional and Up-to-Date Expertise: Our team consists of qualified professionals who stay updated on the latest culinary trends.
Our modern cooking techniques and attention to detail result in delightful dishes that will enchant your guests.
We offer in-depth consultations on food, beverages, and pairings, ensuring a unique and memorable gastronomic experience.

4. Complete Event Organization: In addition to catering, we offer a full event organization service.
We take care of everything, from choosing decorations and floral arrangements to mise en place and guest entertainment.
By entrusting us with the organization of your event, you can enjoy every moment without worry.

5. Guaranteed Satisfaction: We aim to pamper our customers and make them feel at home, creating unforgettable moments for them and their guests.

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Tradition in Every Bite

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